I'm a southern Louisiana gal who is overwhelmingly blessed. I'm a mom of two boys, Harrison and Monty.   My heart beats for creativity - my mind always seeks for a vision.  My goal as a home stylist and decorator is to execute my vision unique to its surroundings.  Of course, my client's expectations and desires add the fuel to my fire for each individual job I work to complete.  I am always looking for and documenting inspiration to drive my visions and my work.

Quick little background check -- I'm an alumn of St. Mary's Dominican Highschool in New Orleans.  I attended LSU and graduated in 2007 with a degree in Textiles and Apparel Design.  I quickly left for New York to work in fashion design, but realized my heart belonged in the south.  My career path back in Louisiana as a floor-set and window display manager and hands-on involvement on a new construction housing project for a real estate development company out of Austin encouraged my desire for home furnishings and interior decorating.   

I strive to make an overall vision come to life while decorating.  My goal is to give home owners a true love for the space they live in every day. I style and decorate homes according to my clients' lifestyles, tastes, and inspirations, while pushing their limits creatively.